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OTH Regensburg not only focuses on artificial intelligence in research, but also prepares students for their future as AI experts with numerous services.

Study Programme

Computer Science and Mathematics
In the Bachelor's degree programme Artificial Intelligence & Data Science at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, you will dedicate yourself entirely to the fascinating methods of artificial intelligence. A suitable specialisation in the Master Computer Science is open since the summer semester 2024.
Modules of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics:
– Applied Data Science with Python (Bachelor)
– Business Intelligence and its Applications (Bachelor)
– Data Mining (Bachelor)
– NoSQL Databases (Bachelor)
– Quantum Computing (Bachelor)
– Robotics (Bachelor)
– Speech Dialogue Systems (Bachelor)
– Expert Systems and Machine Learning (Master)
– IT Security of Networked Applications and Systems (Master)
– AI-Based Medical Image Processing (Master)
– Statistical Learning (Master)
Artificial Intelligence & Data Science degree programme (Photo: Barbara Uhl, OTH Regensburg)
Intelligent Systems Engineering degree programme (Photo: Florian Hammerich, OTH Regensburg)
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
The Bachelor's degree programme Intelligent Systems Engineering is all about the interface between AI software and hardware and the ever-increasing networking of intelligent systems.
Mechanical Engineering
Digital twins and the digitalisation of production are the focus of the Master's degree programme Industrial Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
Modules of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:
– Networked Digital Systems (Bachelor)
– RSDS courses
Master's programme in Industrial Engineering (Photo: Andreas Ellermeier, OTH Regensburg)
Regensburg School for Digital Sciences (Photo: OTH Regensburg)
Interdisciplinary Services
The following modules are open for all students.
Courses of the Regensburg School for Digital Sciences (RSDS):
– Data Analytics (Bachelor)
– Data Science with Python (Bachelor)
– Data Science & IoT Projects: Train your own Machine Learning Model (Bachelor)
– Digital Competencies and Learning Lab (Bachelor)
– Digitalisation in Human Resources Management (Bachelor)
– Machine Learning & AI in Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor)
– Machine Learning & AI with Python (Bachelor)
– Digitalisation and Ethics (Bachelor, Master)
– Predictive Maintenance (Bachelor, Master)
– Cognitive Systems (Master)
– Additional study programme Digital Skills
– Additional study programme Quantum Computing

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Promotion of Start-ups

Start-up Center
Do you have an idea for a new service or product based on artificial intelligence? The Start-up Center of OTH Regensburg advises and supports you on your way to setting up your own business. In addition to arranging funding and financing options, it also supports you with legal issues as well as networking and public relations.
The Start-up Lab, the Start-up Centre's makerspace, opens up space for new opportunities to work hands-on on innovative developments using the latest technologies.
Start-up Lab: Innovation and creativity in the makerspace at OTH Regensburg (Photo: OTH Regensburg)