The projects of RCAI aim to close the gap between research and application.
To this end, we work closely with partners from science, industry and society to find joint solutions to specific problems.

Software and Systems

In order to promote progress and innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, the RCAI is researching fundamental technologies that can be used in all fields of application and have potential for major improvements.


Artificial intelligence is used in a wide variety of areas in projects in the production environment. For instance, the RCAI develops customised solutions for automation, monitoring, predictive maintenance and complex optimisation problems.

Environment, Energy, Buildings and Infrastructure

The RCAI researches solutions for increasing sustainability and energy efficiency. Artificial intelligence is used on both a technical and social level.


The RCAI researches artificial intelligence in the mobility of the future, both on a technical and social level.

    Development of an innovative networked ADAS/AD laboratory test station for sensors

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  • ALM

    Investigation of the future of autonomous driving, especially autonomous public transport, in rural areas

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Medicine and Care

The RCAI researches applications improving medical progress and quality of treatment. For instance, assistance systems may act as second assessors during therapy or support patients during rehabilitation.


The RCAI analyses ethical, social and political contexts for and with methods of artificial intelligence in order to promote the responsible use of the technology. In addition, the RCAI develops AI-based solutions that support the general public and the common good.

Knowledge Transfer

We are explicitly dedicated to the transfer of best practices to industry. In particular, we support small and medium-sized companies in their entry into artificial intelligence through training and joint projects.

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The following projects have already been successfully completed.