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Call for Abstracts

„AI for decision support: What are possible futures, social impacts, regulatory options, ethical conundrums and agency constellations?“


This call advertises for the interdisciplinary TATuP Special Topic in issue 1/2024.
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Karsten Weber (Regensburg Center for Artificial Intelligence (RCAI), Institute for Social Research and Technology Assessment (IST)) is one of the guest editors of the special issue.


  • Possible futures: How and to what extent might AI systems be used for decision support in the future? Has the view of their use in specific application areas changed and, if so, what can be concluded from this for the future and the discourse on AI systems for decision making?
  • Social impacts: What social impacts will AI decision support systems have? To what extent are different stakeholders affected by decisions made by AI systems?
  • Regulatory options: What are the specific challenges related to the regulation of AI for decision making? What (new) challenges arise when AI is used to support decision making? Do new actors come into play? What are the implications for the design of the science-policy interface?
  • Ethical conundrums and agency constellations: What is the relationship between the common good and individual rights, the relationship between evidence and individual cases, when it comes to the use of AI systems in decision making? To what extent can social and human agency be prevented from being ignored?

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